Do You Take Time To Take Time?

9 miles around Lake Cuicocha w/guide Luis 2016

Take time to take time. Reading a few posts today by Face Book friends, some schoolmates not seen in 50 years. Sharing memories of present and past. I know that may sound a bit strange thinking of present memories. An oxymoron? Not really considering a memory can be just seconds ago, not decades. Recalling what was good about those memories is nearly always pleasant.

I find myself many times contrasting the past with the future. Wondering how things will change? At this stage of the game an end is much more in the cards than 50 years ago. Or so it seemed. That I would loose my Dad just days after returning from Vietnam never entered my mind, but it happened. Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Being in harms way, in the thick of pitched battle as a grenadier made me a prime target. Yet I came home physically, and mentally intact with a few new scars.

There’s no end to the memories. Even though some want to be buried deep into the past. Good times nearly always come rushing to the present for those fleeting moments. Never as exact as the actual instance. Tidbits have to be added by others as some nuggets tend to escape. Then corrections are in order as the sequence of things can get out of whack.

What would I do without the ability to recall? Alzheimer’s comes to mind for those stricken. Desperate to recall what was once familiar. Now happening as brand new, threatening, strange, searching for a reality that escapes in an instance. A dream wide awake full of the unfamiliar. Words attempting to describe what only the mind that’s left, wants to make sense of. But can’t.

Have you ever had amnesia? Was there a moment in time where your mind tried to recall something but came up with a complete blank? Did you panic? Was it just a bit frightening not being able to recall something that should and was completely familiar? You bet it was! Been there…done that, and it’s no fun. Seems to happen a little more frequently these days. I nearly always remember after going through some mental exercises like review of the alphabet when it comes to names.

Still, there is that nagging doubt. Is there a forewarning of what’s to come? Am I loosing it, my memory that is? Or is this just what happens when the memory banks in my grey matter get overloaded? Is that even possible? Probably not, but the thought that it might is at least momentarily reassuring.

There are many exercises I have discovered, supposedly geared to challenge and help aging memory. There are some games that claim to stimulate the mind and memory. While they are somewhat challenging, it is debatable as to effectiveness. How do you measure that?

Other resources claim writing, reading, drinking coffee or wine, eating foods that are healthy which does not include red meat or processed foods. Now I just took a test online that is supposed to help determine if there is any cause for worry or concern. I’m not worried or concerned but I thought it would be interesting to take anyway. Scored a “1”. From 1 to 4 there apparently is no cause for concern of onset of dementia or the dreaded Alzheimers. Here’s a link to that test, in case you’re interested for yourself or your significant other. If you remember who they are! That’s a joke…just in case.

My greatest concern may be trying to figure out why as I write, so many times the “i” doesn’t get capitalized? Of why the first letter of the word that begins a new sentence doesn’t get capitalized? Or recently I think my keyboard has developed dyslexia! Letters on a regular basis get interchanged in the word. It just happened as I was  writing regular. The “u” and “l” got switched. Typing too fast could be blamed, or a key that doesn’t respond fast enough to my touch. That seems to happen frequently to the “!” and “1”.

I was never too good in typing class in High School as far as visualizing the keys so as not to have to look at them. Since my speed was fast enough at around 60 WPM, I figured it was good enough. Now it seems to be a cross between looking and visualizing.

Taking time to be social. Since a great deal of my time is right in front of the monitor and fingers on the keyboard, socializing is not high on my list. Sometimes it almost seems as though the articles I review for information, videos previewed, or books read are as much socialization as I need. Couple that with the short 30 minutes at school to pick up my spouse interacting with teachers, administrative staff and occasional students is adequate.

So here I go to the bottom line. Taking time, and enough of it may never hit perfection. However it does seem there is enough to keep me on the right side of healthy. But that’s for me. What about you? Are you taking time to take time? Check out some of the things that can make life more enjoyable beside stuffing the mouth! Yeah, don’t we all once into retirement find any excuse for coffee and a piece of pie? Or whatever your favorite drink and dessert may be, it’s used as a reason to meet with others. The result? Not being able to stand up straight and see unimpeded to your toes!

It seems many have reached that place where if you have to exert yourself, it means you’re not retired. You sweat only because the air conditioner isn’t working or you’re on the beach somewhere. No more hiking, exercise beyond lifting a fork, working in the garden, chopping wood for the fireplace, camping without an RV, and the list could go on. There’s no suggestion these activities have to take place on a weekly basis. The suggestion is to do them. You know, that “just do it!” thing.

To conclusion is if you take time to take time there will be more time to take time. Get the hint? We already know none of us are gettin’ out alive. May as well make the most of now! Being in a physical state to do that will depend on taking time. And you though you were just going to sit around, reading novels or watching endless sports on cable.

I don’t know about the rest, but I have my sights set on reaching triple digits and beyond. Granted there’s never any guarantees save one, but why shorten the race by not taking time. Would you be jealous if I reach 120 years old still walking on my two feet, completely cognizant, able to walk two miles in  40 minutes, still writing, with no medications? That would be 50 years from now. Maybe I should strive for three miles in an hour, but I’ve already done that. Another trip for skydiving, maybe to break a record as the oldest. That would be a corker!

I’ve got that bucket list, and it will probably take time to complete it. Like maybe 50 years?

So right now I’m gonna take time to have a cup of coffee with a piece of fresh baked bread.

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