Dims And Libs Ignore Cruelty Of Commercial Feedlots Over Wild Animals!

As usual the Liberal Left is crying foul. Also as usual never bothering to consider reasons behind whatever it is they are whining about. Most recently it is about a law passed as it concerns hunters allowed to kill certain animals in hibernation. On the surface it sounds cruel, but is it?

Maybe if the bears and wolves were raised in a feedlot environment and slaughtered for them to enjoy as are the cattle, hogs and chickens, they would be happy. However it’s doubtful the numbers would be there to kill and process.

I’m certain none of those complaining the loudest have taken into consideration that there are many parts to this issue. Like many urban areas being overrun with bears, coyotes, even other predators that pose a danger to residents. Instead of crying they might sing a different tune if one of those wild animals creeped up to their trash at an unsuspecting moment when they were present.

The greater problem is that we humans have destroyed so much of the wild animal habitat. For commercial feedlots for cattle, hogs and poultry. Massive residential development and urban sprawl are a few examples. So we act surprised with the fact that now the raccoons, foxes, coyotes, even wolves find it easier to prey on our garbage cans. We have invaded their habitat, so there is a problem.

Now add to that the packs of feral cats and stray dogs, and the difficulty increases. Animals have been given something they are not, which is a human persona. It seems many have forgotten the purpose of the human race. Of course that depends on what you believe. For those who understand, we were created to subdue every living animal, bird, crawling creature, including to use it for food. It seems people have forgotten many things, like why there is male and female.

There are some attempts at some sort of sterilization to control animal population. The amount of time required to see the effectiveness is likely to take longer than bringing overpopulation under control through hunting and trapping. It’s interesting that those clamoring about the poor animals, don’t have any problem eating the steak, BBQ ribs, fried chicken, tuna, or any number of other animals that are devoured on a daily basis.

Then it seems there is more outrage over this law, but not nearly as much over the conditions and cruelty that exist in the commercial feedlot enterprises mentioned earlier. So it seems this might fall into the category of complete and utter hypocrisy! The screams of cruel and inhumane as to how wild animals can be hunted, totally ignores how domestic breeds of all kinds suffer, and in far greater numbers.

In reality, for the most part, it is just another rant for the Dims and Libs to try and create the sensational, scandalous, hyperventilating, egregious, unfairness that they can’t do anything but complain. Try doing something productive and humanitarian instead of wasting time over an issue that has been decided. Chances are it won’t impact even one of those making the most noise. Go protest at a feedlot!

I’m gonna eat a piece of bread and ignore the poor wheat!

Eating bread instead of crow!
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