Fish Oil Disappearing! Is It True Or Another Attempt To Profit From Your Health?

It seems the private interests groups that are more concerned about business as usual, in great big gobs, have now set their sights on the Fish Oil business! First Science news, now Science Wednesday as well as Farm Weekly in Australia have all jumped on the bandwagon about SDA, or Stearidonic acid. This is a genetically modified soy product that pretends to be equal to the EPA and HDA fatty acids found in fish oil. Of course, since it doesn’t come from fish, and is made from genetically modified vegetable products, it is obviously not the same.

Anyone who has studied or done research on sources of Omega-3 in plants and vegetables, knows that alpha-linolenic acids or ALA are the acids found in plants, not fatty acids EPA and HDA. So how do they get away saying this is going to replace these fatty acids produced by the poor fish, that there just aren’t enough of to warrant this chemically altered product?

ALA in your body can be converted to EPA and HDA, but only about 15% actually gets converted. At least it’s natural, and not something that’s trying to fool the body into believing it’s something it’s not. This is what has happened with all the chemically produced pharmaceuticals out there that have so many wonderful side effects, that may be worse than whatever they are supposed to cure.

But that’s exactly what the manufactures claim that SDA will do, is be converted by the body to EPA’s, only the don’t make a big deal out of the fact that it will take roughly the same amount as those produced naturally by ALA’s. And of course, it supposedly can be produced more cheaply. The question remains will it be sold more cheaply? If it takes 5 times as much SDA to equal 1 dose of fish oil, what are the bets it will cost less?

Oh, and has anybody checked on all the fish that are disappearing to make fish oil supplements? Is there an endangered “fishys” list that has been hidden from our knowledge, so we are unaware of all the fish that are becoming scarce, making this fake stuff necessary? Well none I’ve seen, and don’t you think the media would jump all over the shortage of fish? Well, that’s part of the justification given for this abomination to your health.

Oh, and don’t be surprised to see more and more emphasis at the highest levels beginning to use the radiation scare from Japan, along with Mercury, PCB’s, pollutants and toxins of every shade and color to convince us that you can’t find a healthy fish out there anymore. Current refining and purification processes approved long ago may suddenly become insufficient per FDA, who has never approved of claims made about fish oil supplements in the first place. Doctors and Scientists over the last 30 years have said and proven plenty, but FDA has never approved! Do you find that interesting?

And the last straw, the producers of SDA rationalize that since over 70% of the products made with soy in the U.S. use genetically modified soy, that it’s OK! It has taken 30 years to see the effects on your health from such things as hydrogenation and trans fats. The effects were not instantaneous, just as the effects of genetically modified products may not be apparent for the next 20 years. But we sure have seen the results of what chemicals in our bodies have done, and our government “watch dogs” have approved many that have been “killers!” Is this one more?

So keep on taking fish oil supplements that are pure, high quality, fresh, refined, and toxin free. One of the most trusted sources for supplements can be found in the resource below. Why take a chance on something that is basically untested. Get the real EPA and DHA!

Omega3 Fish Oil from pristine ocean waters of New Zealand
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