Does Friendship Exist Without Politics, Religion Or Money!

Are there any topics more likely to erupt in heated disagreement than the unholy three? What is it that is so threatening about those particular topics of discussion? In considering my own reaction, the first thought is fear and insecurity.

In terms of religion it’s a safe bet the number of those professing to be of the Evangelical persuasion may relate. That particular verses such as John 3:16 are well known for many reasons. However, the words of “A senseless man does not know,

and a fool does not understand this. When the wicked spring up like grass, and when all those involved in vice flourish, it is so they may be destroyed forever.” would have the greater majority scratching their head. Why? Because most have never read the Bible from cover to cover.

Someone with just a bit more knowledge poses a threat. When someone is threatened and insecure, what happens? A strong defense is mounted and no amount of reason will prevail. This applies to politics and money as well.

Most are just as adamant and narrow minded when it comes to a sports team. The reasons are different, but the mindset is closely related. At least where sports is concerned it has more to do with vicarious satisfaction. The same with music. This list could go on and on. The point is we tend to be just as fervent in our defense of anything we strongly relate with.  There’s no regard as to deep personal experience, knowledge or education on the subject. As soon as the lack in any area is felt…BOOM! The battle is engaged.

Politics could be that topic for me. I know what I know, and what I don’t know the best effort is made to research and educate myself. It is unfortunate there is such an unbelievable chasm between left and right. It is hard to accept that any logical person could believe aborting a human fetus is acceptable, much less one who claims any belief in a God.

That marriage could be anything but that between a male and female, man and woman, with the ability to procreate. That it’s ok to create laws against discrimination of groups of people contrary to the majority beliefs in our country, yet discriminate against the majority. How twisted is that!

That it’s ok to throw away all that this country has stood for during the last 240 years. Of it’s sovereignty, uniqueness, power, under God, to become something without identity, unity or focus. A “swamp” full of the rot and decay of moral values, lawlessness and national pride.

As someone has stepped up to make changes back to that way of life, the opposition is remindful of those biblical characters who also resisted the virtues mentioned above, and what became of that people. It seems we are facing a true decay in our society. Has it gone too far? Are we on that downward slippery slope of so many empires of the past? The Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Persians, and others. In each and everyone moral decay from within was the greater enemy. The enemy was never truly without. Power, money, greed and lust have always been the earmarks. If the USA were to be measured against those four yardsticks, how would we shape up?

It’s hard to know what is true any more. There has been so much deception to further along agenda’s. With government assistance and coverups even by those agencies charged with protecting the public. Trust no longer exists. Each day is looked at with a greater or lessor degree of anguish. To such a point it seems normal and not the contrary.

So again the question. Can friendship exist with politics, religion and money as topics of discussion? Even when two people may be bonded by relationship, long term friendship, similar values? If those are missing what are the chances? There is the question. What are your thoughts?

Think I’ll go experience a Ginger Shot!

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