Social Media Dims And ‘Flakes!

Dims and ‘Flakes On Soapbox!

Social Media has given everyone a free platform from which each can mount their soapbox to spout words. Mind you it doesn’t matter if it makes sense, or even has merit. It is simply those exercising their first amendment rights of free speech. Well, there’s a whole lot to be said about something that’s for free. It’s easy to stand up and spout off, when it didn’t cost anything.

It wouldn’t even be interesting to see how many would still be willing to stand up and be counted if they had skin in the game. Snowflakes melt well before real heat get’s to them. They literally fade into nothingness. A little dampness at the best. Not too many fires put out by snowfall on record.

There are these voices cryin’ “WAR!” Most don’t have a clue what war is. It’s something they read about in a book, or saw on a video. Maybe they even played one of the many War Games on PS1. It’s a safe bet most have never fired anything other than a digital weapon of mass destruction. The sound of a real gun being fired would probably send most running for cover. Even if it was on a firing range.

Anyone and everyone who has never had to risk anything feels compelled to chime in. Strange that the ones who have “been there…done that…got the campaign ribbon” are the silent ones. All except for John  McCain that is. For the first time in…let’s see, 76 days, both he and Graham actually had something positive to say. It must have felt very strange, especially as they listened to all the sound bites echoing their words. Probably won’t happen again anytime soon.

It’s certain all the pundits, left wing liberals, never Trumpers, Doves, OFA’s, ACLU, will be screaming “foul” or some sort. Something like President Trump ruined perfectly good missile launching sites, or damaged millions of gallons of jet fuel that contaminated already contaminated ground. You know, the ridiculous, absurd, meaningless, pointless claims that are really just clanging cymbals and sounding gongs.

What continues is the warpedness. Liberal minds twisted out of shape. Unable to recover from their unbelievable loss and unwilling to accept what is. Equally with tunnel vision unable to see what actually is beyond the narrow confines of what was. Resistance being the war cry of a battle already lost. Wake up Dims and snowflakes, because the train has already left the station to wherever you thought you were goin’!

Gotta go relax with a cupa!

me-and-a cupa-on-the-terrace-in-cuicocha
Me and a cupa on the terrace in Cuicocha.
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