Make Money Writing Articles: Which Topics Are The Best?

If you are new to writing articles for money, the “what” to write about is generally the first question that comes to mind.. Many new article writers ask what topics are the best and that simply depends on a number of different factors.

The first question to consider is do you want to make money the most important factor, or do you want to write articles that are easy and quick  to compose? Next, who are you writing for? Are these articles for a client or your own personal use? The answers to these questions can help you determine what style and type of writing you want to pursue.

Then there is the question of whether these articles are going to be used for blogging? Will they be used to create

a series of eBooks? Could they be used as

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for creating a potential library of a variety of topics and themes? Even if you’re new to article writing, be certain you know what your opportunities are.

A great place for you to write articles on are topics that interest you. For example, do you always look for ways to save money and have tips to share with others? Are you an animal lover? When you write on a topic that interests you writing may actually seem like fun. It should seem less like work. That’s when words have a tendency to flow. There is nothing better than making money doing something that you love.

It’s important to know that not all articles generate the same amounts of money. If you have the freedom to choose your own article topics, write on something that is popular or in demand within your interests. Is there a new video game that is highly anticipated? Is your favorite author launching a new book? Why not capitalize on that anticipation? Write articles that focus on gaming or books. Is there anything seasonal coming up? Is Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching? Why not write a few articles that promote shopping online? Include merchants that you are an affiliate for.

What are your favorite subjects of interest? Make a list if you haven’t already. Are you familiar with computers, cell phones, video gaming consoles, and software? You could work as a technical writer. That is one of the best paying web content writing markets. Website owners who need technical content for their websites tend to pay more for quality writing that is accurate.

If you’re writing articles for paying clients, you will want to keep your options open. If you visit an online bidding website or an online job board, you will see that there a lot projects open and on a wide range of topics. When writing for pay, you do not have to corner yourself in a theme or niche and stick just with that. Expanding your horizons and being flexible simply opens up a multitude of opportunities. The willingness to write on a wide range of topics, increases your chances for making money.

If you are looking to write articles for yourself to post on a website or blog, it may be best to have one set topic. This makes it easier for you to make money, as you can choose advertisements that are in line with your website’s main theme. For example, a website that focuses on pet care is likely to make more money than a website that focuses on thirty different topics.

Spend your time focusing on and perfecting one subject. Then consider moving onto another, creating a new website or blog for each topic. Be sure to get that first site working and producing income, before launching a new site.

As a recap, if you are a paid writer working for others, you will want to write articles on the topics that you are provided with. Consider that this type of writing will always limit your freedom with writing. You are always going to have to satisfy what someone else wants, and that can be tricky as people are always likely to change in mid-stream.

If you have freedom to write your own articles, consider what issues are popular or controversial at the time. If you could write about any topic, what would it be? Have you discovered your real passion? Are you writing about it? What would you love to teach others?

There is plenty of material here to use as fodder to get germination started on what to write. The best advice from seasoned writers…just start writing. There is nearly something magical once words appear on a page. One leads to another, and another. Mother Nature abhors a vacuum, and that includes an empty page.

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Alan is retired and resides in Quito, Ecuador. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with four sons and 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill! Alan is a charter "Boomer", a Viet Nam veteran, committed to roasting his own coffee and writes about whatever pops into his mind. He loves to build and ride recumbent bikes, play racquetball, writes almost daily, travels Ecuador, and talks to anything that does not move fast enough! The twinkle in his eye is a combination of the sun, and an active sense of humor. His desire to encourage others to write is being answered through his articles on the Internet.