When Will American Conservatives Stand Up To Leftist Liberals?

Death of Caesar!

Wake up America! The Roman Forum has come to order. What has our current President done to anger the Romanesque conspirators? Are there any comparisons between Caesar and Trump? Let’s look at history.

First of all Donald J. Trump has never been any sort of military hero such as a Patton or McArthur, or for this comparison, Julius Caesar. While he may be seen as a

Baron of Real Estate it would hardly qualify as being any sort of ruler. As President of the United States and duly chosen, he shows no resemblance to a dictator. So not very Caesar-like.

Ah, but he has selected the military and it’s veterans for special attention, as did Caesar. His love for the United States and putting America First also gives proof of his refusal to become a “Globalist.” President Trump has brought employment to new highs, and is determined to “repair” the infrastructure of our country that has been ignored by all previous administrations during the last four decades. That is very Caesar-like. Hummm.

(I wonder if Schumer could be translated “Brutus” in another language? Although Casca struck the first and final blow to Caesar, who is the Casca that figuratively makes that attempt on President Trump? Even though all the conspirators met their tragic end, it did not create any positive change for the Roman Empire.)

So what else has President Trump done to create such turmoil among conspirators? The “status quo” has been upset. It’s not business as usual for the “den of thieves” of current and previous administrations who have pilfered our tax dollars to fill their pockets and pad their portfolios. Hardly an example of being for the people. This is exactly what stirred up the enemies of Caesar as their comfy situations were facing dramatic change.

(While all attention is turned towards the constant meritless claims of “Russian collusion,” what is being stolen behind our backs? Is anyone looking?)

President Trump refuses to give in to foreign powers attempting to swing international influence and decimate any ties between American allies. Then there is the securing of American borders against illegal immigrants, who have been manipulated by previous administrations into thinking they are anything more than puppets to be used.

Those who cry “foul” the loudest are guilty of heinous crimes of neglect. Openly revealing their scandals as some sort of proof they are above rebuke, much less accountability. Their outcries of collusion and conspiracy are nothing more than a smoke screen to cover their own inadequacies and deceit. They are casting stones of guilt rather than any of innocence. Who among them is truly free of dirt? Close scrutiny would find all likely corrupt in some form. Eager to get in on the looting of America.

The abundant lies and distortions, encouraging violence against free speech, guilty accusers pretending to defend freedom.

Is this what we stand for in America? Does this define our future?

An all out onslaught to destroy this America and all it stands for. Destruction of moral values, while pretending to embrace justice. Equality espoused for sexual predators and obvious criminals as it relates to mutilation of healthy genetic norms and fetus genocide. Yeah, these are the guardians of what’s good for America? NOT!

The greater concern is the inaction of those who will be most affected by proliferation and continuation of all the attempts to eliminate an America we celebrate every July 4th. If it continues, what will our military have defended? What is the point of a constitution that has become diluted to mere words with no clout? Courts with no justice? Laws that protect the powerful and never the weak.

Just as the Roman Empire came to it’s demise after 700 years, it would appear the American Dream is about to become a nightmare in the hands of the Leftist Elite in less than 300 years.

Songs, stories and history unfortunately record what happens with peaceful and passive populations around the world. They are destroyed by their own inaction. Are the conservative American people next?

Will history be made instead of repeated? Will this finally be a Government Of The People, or a shambles of what was once freedom, justice, independence and sovereignty of a once proud and powerful nation?

Will power really return to the people? Hopefully the reality will not be that of the West Wing series or Scandal. This sounds a bit too much like the comments of the older generations who so often commented, what happened to the “good old days?” To those of us who have been around a significant number of decades to measure change that comment rings too close to home.

That time when men were men and women were women. Those who had differing tendencies kept it to themselves. It was a crime to murder an unborn child, and sexual abuse was equally a crime. Would it be possible to think our nation would ever draw close to a Sodom and Gomorrah? Who thinks that’s funny?

Many may read this and simply shake their head, never contemplating taking as much action as even writing an article like this to condemn what’s happening. Some are so brainwashed as to think all the changes are actually good.

Freedom to follow base, corrupt actions with no consequence is not the freedom they pretend to believe. But it is the example they have been shown. There will be an accounting! It generally shows in the upcoming generations. Just never those presently accouted for, as they are just righteously indignant as they accept payment for their anarchy.


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