Do You Dare Or Go With The Flow

Riding A Camel In Morocco

Do you dare to do…what? Is going along with conventional ideas and pressures where you feel comfortable? That’s what is generally referred to as going with the flow. Following the crowd. Doing whatever, because someone else does. You get the idea.

The opposite for most is just too scary. Daring to do what you love absolutely falls into that category. What’s more frightening is most have no idea what they love to do. You’ve heard that question. If you could do anything you wanted and money was not the objective, what would you do? Suppose you couldn’t

possibly fail. Can you definitely answer that question?

There’s a good chance you can’t. Why is that? The possibilities at first seem too good to be true. Travel the world. Live in exotic surroundings. Have all the material wealth you could dream of. Expensive cars and designer clothes. Hobnobbing with the rich and famous. All those external things you’ve told yourself would make your life complete. That definitely is not following the crowd, unless it’s what so many imagine would be their dream come true.

It’s a fantasy…right? So when you come to the point of reality, then what comes to mind? Maybe you’ve always loved writing. Making art objects with clay, or using your voice for voice over opportunities. Designing clothes, carving ice sculptures, or any unlimited number of choices. But can you nail down just one? What is it that really gets you stoked?

Maybe at first when you consider it, there doesn’t seem to be a market. You’ve been told time and time again by those authority figures in your life that you can’t make a living doing that. Ask yourself this question. How do they know? Have they done it and failed? Are they suggesting you can’t do something just because they couldn’t…or wouldn’t?

My Dad always wanted to build a BBQ stand on our 10 acre farm located along a major county highway. For years I listened to his dreams and ideas, but they never happened. My Dad was not one to take a risk, so they just remained dreams. I determined if there was something I wanted bad enough, I would be willing to take the risk. It’s been scary, but rewarding.

Can you say that? Do you want to? Is having a boss all you wanted in life? Are you faced with the continual downsizing that is happening with business? What will you do if and when you’re faced with that likely scenario? It’s not all due to a poor economy, at least not currently. How would it feel to be replaced by a robot? It’s happening!

What will you dare to do that you love? First you have to figure out what that is. It’s almost a guarantee while you read this you have no concrete idea. Some are fortunate enough from childhood to have had a determined direction what they intended to do for the rest of their life. You may know someone like that. Most of us have never had any inclination to that degree.

The great majority have listened to those authority figures in life. While those people have had the best of intentions, they are simply repeating what they were taught. It’s all about security. Being safe, secure, never rocking the boat or risking the unknown. Pause for a minute and consider all those you can think of that took risks. Astronauts! Steve Jobs. Mike Phelps. Alaskan gold miners. Sky Divers. What if any of those were looking for safety and security? None would have enjoyed life nearly as much as when risking it!

So stop and just consider how you might come to a point of knowing what you love to do. Are there things you loved to do as a kid that you still enjoy? What have you given up doing because you were brainwashed into believing it was impossible to live that sort of lifestyle?

Be honest with yourself and leave no thought or idea uncovered. Did you love making mud pies? Are you fascinated by fire flies? Was camping out in the backyard or a woods your thing? How many birdhouses did you build? Did you spend hours on a bike, riding miles upon miles? Dare to think outside the box!

Erector Set From the 1950’s

With the unlimited information available through Google you have the ability to research anything you can think of. Want to be a Hair Stylist? Ever considered creating a new line of bird feed? What about new ways and natural methods to clean water? Could you be the one to develop a magnetic propulsion engine to end pollution forever? Was an Erector Set your favorite toy?

A piece of advice. Don’t share your answers. Why? Just as sure as the sun rises in the East, friends, relatives, co-workers or anyone who is unwilling to break out of the mold will blast your ideas. That’s what happened when you were young. Too young to have had a vision for your future, so it was shaped by others. Now you know better. So be wise.

In fact, think about that one someone, who didn’t follow the crowd. Maybe they went homesteading in Alaska. Are they living in some foreign country, building a business creating weird birthday and greeting cards? Those people everyone was sure would never make it. Maybe they’ve had 15 different businesses with mediocre success. Are they happy?

Find some of those people and talk to them. They are the ones to share some of your thoughts with. Maybe not all, because if you aren’t ready to move they might be. So even then caution is advised.

Money should never be the reason for making a choice. When you genuinely love what you do money will come. You may never be a millionaire or even rich financially. Loving what you do will never be work, and a reward far greater than money. Your life will be rich, even if your bank account is not. The freedom of doing what you love is priceless.
So dare to do what you love! Start this minute to discover what you may have always suspected. It’s never too late.

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