Dangers Of Artificial Sweetners Not So Sweet!

Just when you thought you finally found a solution to eliminate sugar. And a slew of so called “artificial sweeteners” from your food, the real truth finally comes out! Surprised? Maybe not, but with Stevia in the center of the bullseye, it may raise an eyebrow or two.

This writer has used Stevia for years with no noticeable side effects

Let’s start off by suggesting you buy and read a book by a professional who used it. Recommended it, ignored some signs that were side effects…until he couldn’t. The Stevia Deception by Dr. Bruce Fife. Available in eBook or paperback on Amazon or wherever you choose to shop for books.

This is not intended as a review of the book

This writer has used Stevia for years with no noticeable side effects. Yet my diabetic spouse is a different story. Seemingly mild issues such as headaches or unexplained muscle cramps. Not something that would normally be connected. Taking into consideration a stressful position as a school Principal. Now a light has turned on.

This is not intended as a review of the book. Rather exposure of how once again we have been duped as a public about what was believed to be healthy. Only to discover it is anything but. The “money monster” is once again at the very center. As this product is just part of the billion dollar artificial sweetener line of products.

Searching the Internet finds millions of links about positive information on artificial sweeteners. Over 18 million on Google. Mixed in are a few that question just how healthy they are. But there are a plethora of others touting their efficacy.

Believing Stevia was the “darling” of the all natural sweeteners

Reading a study from pubmed.gov might give you cause to doubt all the positive hype. A study and later report gives this even more credibility. As it relates to how we got to the point of believing Stevia was the “darling” of the all natural sweeteners.

Do artificial sweeteners make you fat?

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Fife’s book that helps to set the stage for how things came to be.

In 2010 researchers at University of California, San Francisco published a study. One that examined thousands of internal industry documents. obtained as part of a number of legal settlements in the 1990s. These documents, which were turned over to the courts by the corporations involved, revealed the strategies they used to manipulate research. And influence the scientific community and regulatory agencies. The paper outlined six main manipulative techniques:

1)  Manipulate research to get predetermined results 

2)  Fund and publish research that supports industry interests

3)  Suppress unfavorable research 

4)  Discredit researchers and research that do not support the industry’s interests 

5)  Change or set scientific standards to serve corporate interests 

6)     Disseminate favorable research directly to policymakers (legislators and regulatory agencies), the media, physicians, and the public, bypassing the normal channels of scientific discourse

(The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners Page 63 of chap. 5) 

Doctors with links relating to those side effects

Surprised? Maybe not. This is not new but rather a fairly common practice in the interest of money. (A very similar incident occurred decades ago. It concerns saturated fat, and coconut oil. And the so called danger to cardiovascular health. But I digress.)

It’s interesting that only 2 million links are listed for artificial sweeteners side effects on Google. More interesting are the number of Doctors with links relating to those side effects.

 Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Joe Mercola

Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Janet Hull

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Ronald Hoffman

This list doesn’t even include the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical, The Guardian, Clevland Clinic and many more.

Corporate giants like Pepsi and Coke are behind

Are you starting to get a little curious that there may be something to this? Would you be more suspicious to know that corporate giants like Pepsi and Coke are behind any of this? To promote their products as “healthy?” Monsanto should be included. It seems anything detrimental to our health involves that name somewhere.

You’ve been using artificial substitutes for sugar believing they were healthy. Haven’t we all, or if not all enough to help support this multi-million dollar industry!

If you have any of the symptoms below, the change will definitely be worth it.

Dizziness. Aspartame, a type of artificial sweetener often found in zero calorie drinks, can really mess with those who are sensitive to it.

Headaches And Migraines. …

Mood Changes. …

Diarrhea. …

Painful Gas. …

Worsening IBS Symptoms. …

Bloating. …


Are you there? Any of those symptoms sound familiar? Your Dr. has been prescribing what? Did they suggest eliminating artificial sweeteners? Well, there you have it.

Natural sweeteners are somewhat better than refined sugar

Unlike Dr. Fife, no addiction has been noticed. Symptoms such as: muscle cramps, headaches, being glucose intolerant, mood changes, or most of the others listed. Or it could affect memory and I just don’t remember! Although that was not one of those on the list.

One final excerpt offers some final wisdom from Dr. Fife’s book. It may be a spoiler, but if you choose not to read it, here it is.

 On page 151 he writes the following. “Natural sweeteners are somewhat better than refined sugar. Because they contain a small amount of vitamins and minerals. So they are not completely empty calories

The best natural sweeteners include maple sugar or syrup. Coconut sugar or syrup. Raw honey or dehydrated sugarcane juice. Which could be Sucanat, rapadura, panela, jaggery, and muscovado. Date sugar, brown rice syrup, and barley malt syrup. If you must use something to sweeten your food, your best choice would be a small amount of a natural sweetener.

(Fife, Bruce. The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners (p. 151). Piccadilly Books, Ltd.. Kindle Edition.)

So what’s in your mouth

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