Artificial Intelligence Lacks Bias Of Human Intellect…Or Not?

IBM’s famous Watson computer is working with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to review millions of documents related to cancer research to discover new methods for treating this disease. Would it come as any surprise that it’s likely there are no homeopathic or natural therapies documents involved?

It’s pure speculation that Watson’s programers have not given free selection…

It’s sort of like if Watson was analyzing medical documents on Alzheimers, would there be any acceptable information not labeled “anecdotal” included? What about the many examples that virgin coconut oil has been shown to have by professionals like Dr. Mary Newport? Would those be included? 

There are no laws that govern what IBM…

It’s pure speculation that Watson’s programers have not given free selection to this amazing marvel of computational power to have access to ALL information. What are the chances that behind the scenes BIG PHARMA, the Medical Machine and others who have a huge financial interest in seeing “drugs and medicines” continue to flourish, are manipulating the information available to Watson?

What’s to stop that from happening? There are no laws that govern what IBM, Watson, Sloan Kettering, or Watson’s programmers include in the algorithms being used. Certainly there is prejudice and advantage for the continued use of drugs. 

So do you think there may be financial incentive

Here is a quote from the American Cancer Society.

“The Agency for Healthcare research and Quality (AHRQ) estimates that the direct medical costs (total of all health care costs) for cancer in the US in 2015 were $80.2 billion.”

So do you think there may be financial incentive for patented drugs to continue to be exploited, or non-patent natural remedies using fruits, vegetables or plants? All the news releases and ballyhoo about the links of Watson to healthcare, education, cybercrime, have far more to do with commerce than the public. Think about it. After all, who created Watson?

To what extremes did… tobacco and the chemical industry… go to

Did IBM do this purely for humanitarian purposes, or was it to generate profits? If humanity benefits in the process that’s great. However you can bet your bottom dollar profits will take precedence over all else, and the expense of humanitarian benefits. Monsanto is a perfect example of profits over mankind. The tobacco industry would be another.

To what extremes did both the tobacco industry and the chemical industry Monsanto represents go to, in order to protect profits rather than lives? That is barely the tip of the iceberg that has exploded into the public eye. All a smoke screen to divaert attention from the criminal acts, such as those intent on sacrificing lives with injections of unsafe chemicals in our youth.

While there are those who would attempt to bring this to the surface, censorship is unfortunately alive and well by Google, Face Book, Instagram (owned by Face Book). Yet when careful research is done, facts like this from the archives of the National Institute of Health show up.

Beyond these important drugs…, Among the best known of these is Guanabana!

Guanabana or also known as Graviola

A common fruit in many countries…can’t be patented

Here’s another from “Over 212 phytochemical ingredients have been reported in graviola (guanabana) extracts prepared from different plant parts. The specific bioactive constituents responsible for the major anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and other health benefits of graviola include different classes of annonaceous acetogenins (metabolites and products of the polyketide pathway), alkaloids, flavonoids, sterols, and others.”

Because one person experienced nausea, this is then declared as a “side effect”

A common fruit in many countries! And it can’t be patented, so its effectiveness basically remains hidden in the medical archives of the National Institute of Health. If Doctors, Scientists, the FDA, and all those who are charged with protecting our health adhered to truth, then the following could clearly be seen as a sham.

So the main thrust of this article is will IBM’s Watson truly be used to assimilate ALL information…

The FDA would use this as a reason to deny guanabana or graviola as having any health benefits. Because one person experienced nausea, this is then declared as a “side effect” supposedly rendering this tropical fruit as dangerous. Yet the same FDA approved Vioxx for public use, found responsible for over 50,000 deaths! See any ambiguity there? Or maybe collusion!

It’s called money, and everyone is chasing after it

So the main thrust of this article is will IBM’s Watson truly be used to assimilate ALL information as it relates to a cure? Or improved treatment methods for cancer. Has human bias or manipulation in the information it analyzes been introduced? What are the chances? 

When it comes to the potential hundreds of billions of dollars lost for drugs, research grants, doctors surgical fees, exorbitant hospital operational expenses that feed on the disease, not to mention employment should the cure arise from some natural resource. It’s called money, and everyone is chasing after it.

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