Is It Really A Pandemic Or Biowar

You have to ask yourself how many dangerous viruses have originated from China and the so called “wet markets?”Swine Flu H12N1, Sars, now COVID-19, all compliments of China. The Chinese would like to blame COVID-19 the wet market in Wuhan, and completely ignore the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory just 20 miles from there.

SARS-CoV-2 source at the … market was imported from elsewhere

Even the Chinese scientists were concerned that a lethal virus could leak from this location. CGTN, the Chinese Government Television Network, reports that 5 million people left Wuhan  after celebrating the Spring Festival Holiday before the end of December. They spread out across China and other parts of the world. 

Brietbart News comments, “a joint study released Thursday by Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Institute for Brain Research concludes that “the SARS-CoV-2 source at the … market was imported from elsewhere. … The crowded market then boosted SARS-CoV-2 circulation and spread it to the whole city in early December 2019.”

While most journalists take a soft approach, backing off from making any statement that this virus could have been deliberate with intention to cause global harm, there is cause to strongly consider that possibility.

Live Market + Virus Lab + previous virus “escape in 2003” + Global Domination Intent of China = …? While many nations have nuclear weapons, few would have intentions, save Iran, of destroying the massive infrastructure and wealth of the United States. 

So a next best option would be to severely handicap the Armed Forces and population of a nation or even Global Forces, to the point where they would be incapable of responding to any armed threat. And what do we have currently? Just a coincidence? 

What would a biowar look like?

There are some that think China has teamed up with Russia and together they will dominate globally. The current oil price war between the Saudis and Russia according to some is enriching China by $300,000.00 daily with the ability to purchase cheap oil. With the U.S. oil exports this could be another threat to the U.S. economy as the biggest exporter of oil and energy fuels.

What would a Bio-Weapons War look like? There’s never been one that is on record. That biological or chemical weapons have been used in global wars or internal conflicts such as Iraq, is relatively small in comparison to what a global war could look  like. Would it look like the current COVID-19?

Perhaps more importantly, how would such an intent be tested for effectiveness? Every conflict has what has been termed, “collateral damage.” This implies where casualties of non-combatants of the aggressor are deemed sacrificial and expected or even intentional.

Without question, the current COVID-19 bloomed out of control

So what would a few million deaths in a massive population mean in order to disguise a real test of a Bio-weapon? First off, it wouldn’t be anything new.  While it may be kept secret so as not to reveal the real heartless attitude of a government, there is more than sufficient evidence that this has happened in other countries.

Without question, the current COVID-19 bloomed out of control. What would happen if a vaccine or effective drug were developed before such a weapon were released to the world? An entire population (s) could be inoculated before the bio-weapon were released. 

Assuming the more industrialized nations were rendered powerless, it’s easy to imagine a bloodless takeover. However an interesting possibility is the development of advanced computer systems, Deep Learning, and robotics, could be an early warning system. All the research facilities of other countries are under constant threat of hacking.

So it stands to reason that due to the Internet of Things which supposedly links all robotic and digital equipment, could be the avenue to have a first glimpse of such intent of spreading a bioweapon. As such it could make advance warning a real thing.

What may be totally overlooked, or not, robots are not susceptible to things like this. A Pandemic could be what ushers in a real switch to robotics like many have predicted by 2025. Would that be a solution to such a threat in the future? If you think about it, there’s a good case for just such a change.

No matter, it may always come to good overcoming evil. Will there be a time when it can’t be done? Depending on what you believe, there is a book that claims what will take place not if, but when that happens. It’s called the Apocalypse and mentioned in the book of Revelations. The Bible. Ignore it if you dare.

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