Why A Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bicycles have become much more visible in recent years. You may think that the recumbent bicycle is a new design from the conventional diamond frame. But, you may be surprised to learn that recumbent bicycles have a history dating to the mid 1800’s.

Easy Racer Tour Easy Long Wheel Base
Easy Racer Tour Easy Long Wheel Base

The United Cycliste International banned recumbent designs from speed competitions in the early 1900’s. Due to their performance advantages over conventional bicycle designs. Recumbent bicycles remained popular in Europe. They didn’t find their way to the US bicycle marketplace until the 1970’s. This resulted in renewed interest with human powered vehicles. Interest led to significant developments in recumbent design and production.

A short trip on the seat of a recumbent will convince you

Recumbents hold many records for both speed and distance. This is due to their superior design advantages. The decreased wind resistance of recumbents is one reason that make them the ideal. For all types of cyclists, whether you are an avid touring cyclist, commuter, or a weekend road warrior. A short trip on the soft seat of a recumbent bike will convince you. The heads-up position a recumbent offers is one reason its the only way to ride.

Recumbent bikes are far superior for safety because of to their lower center of gravity. A rider’s has an improved ability to see and be seen. Hard braking won’t pitch you over the handlebars onto your head.
Pain from wrists, shoulders, back and groin are drastically reduced. The recumbent position gives a clear line of sight. This allows you to more positively react when you find yourself in a road crisis situation.

Age and inexperience not factors on a recumbent

Have the various bike events tempted you to take part? Does a half Century ride of 50 miles seem impossible? Have you given up a 15 mile ride on the traditional bike? Was the groin pain too much? Were your legs giving out?

Recumbent Trike

There are more seniors getting much needed low impact exercise today. They do it on recumbent trikes. The trikes are so safe from tipping over while still providing exercise along with the fun being with like minded friends.

It is a fact that age or lack of experience are not factors on a recumbent bike or trike. The smile on the face of a first time rider after 30 miles is the proof. After completing a Century ride of 100 miles most find it hard to believe they could do it.

It would be unfair to leave out recumbent trikes

Two wheels and a low profile make a recumbent safe if it comes to a spill. You’re much closer to the ground or pavement. The steering is the second biggest challenge. Once that’s mastered and the difference in the center of balance seems normal the fun begins.

It would be unfair to leave out recumbent trikes or “tadpoles.” For just plain fun and to still get exercise, a recumbent trike is “the bomb!” Today there are recumbent events that appeal just to these trikes. And do they turn out in large numbers.

Find one. Ride it. You’ll be a believer!

A cushioned seat that is approximately 14 inches wide. Seated face forward like sitting in a chair. No body aches or pains. The ability to enjoy the scenery while talking with other riding friends. Add to that the security of three wheels on the ground and you have the recumbent trike.

Recumbent Trike Rally
Recumbent Trike Rally

The best reason for going recumbent? They’re unmatched when it comes to fun! You will have the ability to go faster, further, and enjoy yourself more on two wheels than you’ve ever had before! See for yourself. Find one. Ride it. You’ll be a believer!

John Anderson first time on a recumbent. Rode 50 miles today.
John Anderson first time on a recumbent. Rode 50 miles today. (Withlacoochee Trail 2004 Ridge Manor, Fl.).
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