Are We Ready? Automation And Robotics Are Coming!

The big question is, who is safe and who’s not? Many who work with any degree of redundancy are low hanging fruit for automation or robotics. Clerical or mechanical will not matter. There are even robots flipping hamburgers for starters.

So doing data entry is a breeze. Or handling calls for retail from a call center. With realistic human sounding voices with the advances in voice recognition.

Legal services and lawyers? Not ready yet for trial robotics or AI, but for the more mundane tasks? Yup, its automated. Have a look.

Ok, so what about medical. Are robotics and AI poised to send medical professionals packing? Not yet, but things are interesting with doctors assisted in the O.R. utilizing Robotics.

So is there any profession, career, or work that a robot or Automation can’t do? That remains to a question as change continues at an exponential pace. Here’s a graph that will give you an idea of what has happened since 2012.

Deeo Learning Is Causing A Machine Learning Revolution
Deeo Learning Is Causing A Machine Learning Revolution

You will notice the red line is what Moore envisioned as the norm for AI and such advances such as DeepLearning. It’s not over. Will it calm done at some point? Yes, but to what degree? The current advances have not exploited all the potentiality, much less what’s coming.

We have Quantum computing, using atoms as the energy source. Since chips can’t get any smaller, atoms make sense, if they can be controlled or manipulated. Check out this article titled, Aiming for Atoms: The Art of Making Chips Smaller.

The question in anyone’s mind is, how much further can this go? We already carry a significant computer on our Smart Phones. If we start carrying around phones with atom powered chips, what about radiation? There’s already an uproar about radio frequency radiation with cell phones. Can you imagine what would happen with atomic powered cell phones?

What about computers? If chips go by the way of atoms as the source of energy would we be living in homes filled with radiation? That would be harmful!

Then would Robots also be filled with atomic energy? Radiation would power their systems with a dangerous source. This has hundreds of years of potential life! While that radiation has an impact on human existence most likely in a negative sense. How indeed would humanity protect itself from devastation?

But wait! From the beginning it has been the human genius and intellect that has brought all this to the forefront. The creativity, imagination, that has gone from concept to reality. Robots didn’t create themselves. Computers didn’t just happen. Man didn’t accidentally go to the moon. As Clement Stone, among others said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Haven’t we seen that happen? Who’s responsible for DeepLearning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, the internet? Man, not machine is behind it all. The mind of man. The creativeness of the mind of man. And where does that creativeness originate?

Well now, here’s where things can get a little science fiction for some. So ask yourself this question. Where do ideas come from? Do they just sort of appear in the brain? The brain basically processes information, rather than the ideas originating in the brain. Once the idea gets to the brain then things start to happen.

So here’s another question. As fantastic as a computerized brain, such as the well known Watson Computer of Jeopardy fame, is who creates it? How does it function? Isn’t it true that a human has to create the programs to make it work?

Can a computer be greater than its program? It’s possible images or thoughts of “HAL” from 2001 Space Odyssey could come to mind. A rogue computer that defeats all its protocols to rule over man. Of course in the end good prevails.

Of course everyone is aware on the massive “hacking” and “viruses” that plaque us today. Yet, are those the result of computers gone astray, or human efforts to drive us batty?

So is it computers and robots we need be aware of, or the minds that create them? Along that line of thought, it should be apparent that most are created to serve humankind. To make life easier and more enjoyable. To help advance the idea of a lifestyle where robots do all the work. Meanwhile we travel, play, and find out what our true desires are in life. Rather than being controlled into doing what ends up being drudgery.

Imagine then, advances in medicine that will expand our lifetime by decades. Think of nanobots that can circulate in our bloodstream. To detect any abnormality before it becomes dangerous. WE already have robotic devices that serve surgeons. This takes place in the operating room with greater dexterity and precision than humanly possible.

There are the advances with 3D printers creating parts for prosthetic devices. They can do what’s never been done before. Body parts that are controlled by brainwaves or nerves that led to the affected body part. Now how’s that for serving mankind?

DeepLearning is being used to review millions of documents of cancer patients to analyze the contents. To discover patterns that could lead to better treatment profiles. Information impossible for Doctors to keep up with. Watson Computer can process 2 million pages per second. What person could do that and find information that could make a drastic difference…even a cure?

So the solution for the future is that people, humans, will have to become what computers and robots cannot. Creative! Consider that word carefully. Not creative in the sense of a new way to wear a hat, or customize a car. Creative in the sense of going beyond the veil. Designing a nanobot to observe pregnancies to make certain for 9 months all is well.

Then there are the predicted embryo banks like those Alvin Toffler speaks of in his 1959 book, Future Shock. That end the need to go through 9 months of pregnancy. What about genetic engineering? How might this be an advantage in society…or curse? Then there are the advances with stem cell research. How might that be handled by robotics?

So does it seem super computers and robots are progressing to the point of taking over human effort? Does that mean the human brain cannot be more creative? DeepLearning has created intuitive programs that nearly mimic the brain. With this ability to learn, that still doesn’t make them creative.

So back to the question of where ideas come from. They come from the Quantum Field. What is the Quantum Field? Honest answer, it pretty well defies description. How would you describe living in a cloud? Or who can give an accurate description of heaven as it relates to the eternal resting place?

Ah, better yet, describe Brigadoon or Camelot!

The challenge with the Quantum Field is it does not appear in any solid form. It is almost imaginary, until you get into Quantum Physics. But this is the sort of place ideas and possibilities exist! You could rightfully say, from the middle of nowhere…and be spot on. But it takes a mind sufficiently prepared to generate thought, that brings it to pass.

The point here is, it’s a mind that draws from an arena a robot or artificial intelligence has no relation to. It cannot conceive of something from nothingness.


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