500 Words!

There’s a challenge currently to write 500 words everyday for 31 days. For someone who doesn’t write very much that may seem like a lot of writing. Having created several websites over the last 12 years, one of the requirements to satisfy Search Engines that the content was at least enough to provide sufficient information on a topic, was to write at least 300 words. Over time that changed to 400 words as the algorithms were changed.

At times it is difficult to focus on a single subject, but that’s not what this is about. Perfection is not the goal, nor is organization or even a particular subject. To simply sit down and tap away at the keyboard, ignoring any thought that words might fail.

What’s always interesting is words start to flow. It never seems to fail. At first it may not make sense or seem to have any point of view in mind, and that’s ok. With time it all evens out and a theme or particular line of thought begins to emerge.

Repetition of words and thoughts, are not the focus. Just getting into the practice, which given time will turn into a habit is the overall objective. Usually 21 days or three weeks are what an action constantly employed will need in order to begin to form that need to continue without thought.

This is an exercise that will be interesting as not just essay type writing is the goal, as it can include poetry, or most any form of the written word.

So this page will be solely for those inspirations to complete 500 words and be posted under this heading. Hopefully the reader will find it interesting.


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