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Potpourri Kaleidoscopes Slumgullion Stew And LifeWhat do all these things have in common? …2020/11/10About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS, Unhinged!2020-11-10 16:50:16
German Doctors Protest COVID-19 Fear MachineThis will be a short post, yet perhaps …2020/11/09COVID Virus, Unhinged!2020-11-09 11:17:42
Fish Oil Fact: Omega 6 In Corn Oil 46 -1 To Omega 3 Fish OilHigh Fructose Corn Syrup. Corn Flakes. Corn Dogs. …2020/11/08Unhinged!2020-11-08 20:17:47
Fish Oil Fact: Omega-3 Fish Oil Resist Dreaded Wrinkles  There’s a real good chance most women …2020/11/08Omega-3 Fish Oil2020-11-08 18:37:57
Secrets About Major Retailers Closing Multitudes Of Stores: Update 2020!In 2017 there were rumors of multitudes of …2020/09/12Unhinged!2020-09-12 18:13:08
Are We Ready? Automation And Robotics Are Coming!The big question is, who is safe and …2020/09/10Unhinged!2020-09-10 21:29:03
Why A Recumbent BikeRecumbent bicycles have become much more visible in …2020/09/01Recumbents2020-09-01 12:05:24
Guaranteed To Be Your Best Recumbent BikeThe best Recumbent bike? How is it possible …2020/08/31Recumbents2020-08-31 21:12:24
Fear Is Just A State Of Mind  Are you afraid because you were given …2020/04/08Unhinged!2020-04-08 14:39:36
Is It Really A Pandemic Or BiowarYou have to ask yourself how many dangerous …2020/04/08COVID Virus2020-04-08 10:56:07
IS COVID-19 REALLY AN ACT OF NATUREDoesn’t it seem a little too convenient that …2020/03/29COVID Virus2020-03-29 09:51:56
Artificial Intelligence Lacks Bias Of Human Intellect…Or Not?IBM’s famous Watson computer is working with Memorial …2019/04/04Unhinged!2019-04-04 20:35:44
Dangers Of Artificial Sweetners Not So Sweet!Just when you thought you finally found a …2019/03/05Unhinged!2019-03-05 12:13:06
Medicine Or Power Of Thought Makes You HealthyAre you really sick, or just think you …2018/10/08500 Words!, COVID Virus, Unhinged!2018-10-08 21:09:07
Why Should You Care About #Deletefacebook!#Deletefacebook! Just did it. Been on the verge …2018/09/29500 Words!, Alan's Adventures, Unhinged!2018-09-29 18:13:39
Nobody Gets Away With Just One Word!Nobody gets away with just one word. Right? …2018/09/19500 Words!, COVID Virus2018-09-19 09:51:30
The More It Changes Remains The SameA recent article about the state of the …2018/09/05500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2018-09-05 00:12:03
It Is Still Not About Gun ControlThere is an element that wants to capitalize …2017/10/03Unhinged!2017-10-03 23:31:34
What Will The World Come To If The Left Ever Gets Right?Politicians and politics have never been bastions of …2017/09/03Me And The POTUS2017-09-03 20:19:06
Do You Dare Or Go With The FlowDo you dare to do…what? Is going along …2017/08/18500 Words!, COVID Virus2017-08-18 03:19:48
When Will American Conservatives Stand Up To Leftist Liberals?Wake up America! The Roman Forum has come …2017/07/22Me And The POTUS2017-07-22 16:09:50
What Happens At A 15,953 Foot Altitude With 16 People?One more Bucket List item, or sorta, removed. …2017/07/21Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus2017-07-21 23:49:31
Discover If You’re Thinking Or On Cruise Control!If you’re crusin’ then you’re loosin’! That’s one …2017/05/15500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-05-15 13:12:54
Secrets About Major Retailers Closing Multitudes Of Stores!Are Major Retailers like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and …2017/04/24500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-04-24 17:36:40
Where Will They Hide? What Will They Do When The Party Is Over For The Libs?It’s pretty obvious the “liberals” want to eliminate …2017/04/23500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-04-23 02:36:26
Social Media Dims And ‘Flakes!Social Media has given everyone a free platform …2017/04/08500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-04-08 17:44:07
Does Friendship Exist Without Politics, Religion Or Money!Are there any topics more likely to erupt …2017/03/30500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-30 17:56:45
Dims And Libs Ignore Cruelty Of Commercial Feedlots Over Wild Animals!As usual the Liberal Left is crying foul. …2017/03/29500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-29 22:47:31
Do You Believe There Is A Wellness Conspiracy?What do you know about the relation between …2017/03/29500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-29 17:50:31
Do You Take Time To Take Time?Take time to take time. Reading a few …2017/03/28500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-28 17:28:52
POTUS “Ambushed” By Obama: Discovered And Beat Down!Now that’s about as fake and inflammatory as …2017/03/27500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-27 21:23:12
Why Politics Is Hazardous To My Health!I need to stay out of the political …2017/03/27500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-27 17:10:50
First It’s Condemnation And Then Accusation!Ya gotta laugh at the Dims. They have …2017/03/26500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-26 19:42:32
Discovering The Truth While Exposing The Lie!How do you expose liars and do it …2017/03/25500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-25 18:06:05
Discover Why FDA Is Not What You Think!FDA Mission “The Food and Drug Administration is …2017/03/25500 Words!, COVID Virus2017-03-25 16:02:06
Browbeating President For Wiretap Tweet By Dims Backfires!It is maddening that so many are more …2017/03/23500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-23 22:07:37
Do You Agree? What They Don’t Say Matters Most!It’s not what they say, its’ what they …2017/03/21500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-21 00:30:51
Weather Alert: Snowflakes Inundate California!It’s really sad that California and it’s residents …2017/03/19500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-19 20:29:21
How To Make Sense Of The Surveillance Or No Surveillance!Does anyone else wonder why there has been …2017/03/19500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-19 14:06:29
Do You Agree Free Lunch Is Inconclusive In It’s Intent?Why should free student lunches fall on the …2017/03/18500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-18 20:18:15
Kool-Aid Quiz/ Do You Really Think Cuts Equal Eliminate?There is not a chance that any of …2017/03/17500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-17 14:29:01
Secret Truth To Discovery Of Happiness!When was the last time you decided to …2017/03/12500 Words!, COVID Virus2017-03-12 19:27:29
What Is This Attack On The Shack?I just read a rather interesting article concerning …2017/03/12Unhinged!2017-03-12 13:41:20
Have You Lost Your Path To Peace?Have you had enough? A stomach can get …2017/03/11Unhinged!2017-03-11 18:35:19
Have You Discovered What “Doublespeak” Is?What is really surprising are comments by those …2017/03/07Me And The POTUS2017-03-07 20:27:49
Obummer Knew About His Police State Tactics During GOP Campaign!This needs to be shared, reposted, retweeted, until …2017/03/05Me And The POTUS2017-03-05 20:02:01
Guns And Treachery And Intrigue Oh My!Finding something positive to say as it regards …2017/03/04Me And The POTUS2017-03-04 23:12:37
No Vote For POTUS Because Of Rhetoric!I didn’t vote for President Trump because I …2017/03/04Me And The POTUS2017-03-04 23:12:15
What Is The Meaning Behind All Those Inflammatory Terms?Lately the liberal media and left wing democrats …2017/03/02500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-03-02 22:15:55
Profile Of Pain And Courage Of Carryn Owens.We have seen many moments that will be …2017/03/01Me And The POTUS2017-03-01 17:02:05
When You Lack Credibility Attacking Others Deflects Truth!The blame game! Today it runs rampant in …2017/02/28500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-02-28 20:47:57
When The Shoe’s On The Other Foot And In The Mouth!Anger is a terrible waste of energy because …2017/02/24Me And The POTUS2017-02-24 14:17:25
How Gene Huber Lit A New Flame In Melborne Florida!So OK, I’ve spent the last month railing …2017/02/21Me And The POTUS2017-02-21 21:48:34
Discover Why The Right To Bear Arms May Not Be Enough!Organizing For Action or OFA should make you …2017/02/20Unhinged!2017-02-20 02:09:34
Will MSM Get The Candy Or Stay In Bondage To The Lie?In order to know the truth, the lie …2017/02/18Me And The POTUS2017-02-18 22:18:49
25 Days Of Me And President Trump!    I may not have been present …2017/02/17Me And The POTUS2017-02-17 22:15:15
Once Again The Blessing Being United With Israel!What is it that thrills my heart to …2017/02/16Me And The POTUS2017-02-16 16:28:56
Perfect Example Of Warped Illegal Mentality!Rosa Ortega thinks she’s being picked on, treated …2017/02/16Me And The POTUS2017-02-16 15:03:51
Can We Sue Mainstream Media For Yellow Journalism?As defined by Wikipedia and Open Dictionary: Journalism …2017/02/16Me And The POTUS2017-02-16 04:21:42
We Are Not All Immigrants!The idea being spread around that we are …2017/02/16Me And The POTUS2017-02-16 02:33:02
President Trump Needs To Clean House! It’s RAT Infested! EditedNote! This is a corrected version of this article. …2017/02/15Me And The POTUS2017-02-15 10:55:38
They Follow The Drama And The Blood!Start a fire someplace, any fire and no …2017/02/13Unhinged!2017-02-13 03:48:05
What Is This Trojan Horse Among Us?The Greeks and their amazing idea of defeating …2017/02/13Me And The POTUS2017-02-13 00:43:32
Aiding And Abetting The Enemy Within To Steal Our Freedom!And you thought it was all about ISIS …2017/02/12Me And The POTUS2017-02-12 17:00:03
Slow Down You Move Too Fast Gotta Make It Last!As a college student I not only had …2017/02/12Me And The POTUS2017-02-12 00:14:18
Fake It Until You Really Make It!Fake news is a real plague on the …2017/02/11Unhinged!2017-02-11 21:01:00
What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear But Anarchy Could Be NearA certain factor in our society has determined …2017/02/11Unhinged!2017-02-11 12:48:48
This Is What Legal Means If You’re IllegalWhere, in all of the misguided things that …2017/02/10Unhinged!2017-02-10 12:57:40
Who Is The Most Notorious SnollygosterA what? Obviously if this word is unfamiliar …2017/02/09Me And The POTUS2017-02-09 05:00:50
What Is Shepard Smith Hiding About Under-Reporting Attacks  The following are copies of emails sent …2017/02/08500 Words!, COVID Virus, Me And The POTUS2017-02-08 15:07:41
Coffee Lover…Coffee Snob…Or Just Think You AreLiving in a coffee producing country, buying fresh …2017/02/08500 Words!, About Coffee!, COVID Virus2017-02-08 03:53:39
Guess Who’s Afraid Of The “Big Bad Wolf”Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Face Book, Uber, Google, eBay, …2017/02/07Me And The POTUS2017-02-07 16:28:45
Trump’s immigration orderWhich countries are affected? Iran Iraq Syria Sudan …2017/02/07Unhinged!2017-02-07 16:23:15
Travel Ban Does Not Equal Extreme VettingIs it a lack of English Education that …2017/02/04Me And The POTUS2017-02-04 18:41:05
California Dreaming Of Becoming A Nation NightmareSeceding from the United States! Are you kidding? …2017/02/02Me And The POTUS2017-02-02 11:43:49
Jeff Bezos Does Not Speak For America And Neither Does AmazonIt’s interesting how some people believe because they …2017/02/01Me And The POTUS2017-02-01 13:32:54
What Is The Problem With Senator John McCain?In nearly every decision President Trump has made …2017/02/01Me And The POTUS2017-02-01 13:31:56
They Have It On Good Authority!Living outside the U.S. during the last two …2017/02/01Me And The POTUS2017-02-01 13:30:56
Is It Trumped Up And Trumping NaysayersOh how sweet it is! Not only did …2017/02/01Me And The POTUS2017-02-01 13:29:48
If Numbers Speak Then Evidence Of Voter Fraud Has A VoiceAs Sean Hannity said in a recent report, …2017/02/01Me And The POTUS2017-02-01 13:27:50
Do Ghost Votes Constitute Fraud Or Just A Lack Of SpiritWhile some of the news pundits what to …2017/02/01Me And The POTUS2017-02-01 13:23:44
What Would You Do If I Sang Out Of Tune?That’s a fair question for someone who can’t …2017/02/01Unhinged!2017-02-01 11:46:38
This Is What It Takes To Know You’re In The PresentThink about that, but only for a second. …2017/02/01500 Words!2017-02-01 11:26:33
Is It Your Idea Or Someone Else’s?A light bulb moment! The one that we …2016/09/18500 Words!2016-09-18 23:45:32
Is Your Life Satisfying Or Just Bearable?How many people are actually satisfied with their …2016/09/01500 Words!2016-09-01 16:05:10
Do You Know Who You Are Or Just Think You Do?How do you describe yourself? What words come …2016/08/27500 Words!2016-08-27 19:12:27
Can You Relate To Word Madness?As I began to review blogs, blogging and …2016/08/26500 Words!2016-08-26 09:21:02
Are You Caught Up In The Hoopla Or Watching What They Don’t Want Us To See?Slight of hand is alive and well, or …2016/08/15500 Words!2016-08-15 17:18:37
Are You On The Right Menu From Fast Food To Whole Foods?Over the years I have written about many …2016/08/07500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-08-07 17:05:14
Why Do I Write Revisited!Some time back I asked my self, why …2016/08/04500 Words!2016-08-04 01:08:57
Do You Do What You Love Or Do What You Have To?Getting up excited about the day is where …2016/07/30500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-07-30 16:25:42
Can Writing Be A Therapy Or Just A TheoryTalking about some experiences is far more difficult …2016/07/24Unhinged!2016-07-24 23:17:57
So There It Goes Again!Looking at the beauty of your face constantly …2016/07/20500 Words!2016-07-20 10:32:38
Is The Question What To Write Or When To Write?Many times I have seen posts from other …2016/07/19500 Words!2016-07-19 13:00:06
Is It Movies On DVD Or TV?As I sit here typing away listening to …2016/07/14500 Words!2016-07-14 02:16:20
What About The Carnival Shill vs. The Pied Piper?While there may seem to be some similarities …2016/07/11500 Words!2016-07-11 22:29:49
Do I Say What I Think Or Think What I Say?How closely are my words the same as …2016/07/10Unhinged!2016-07-10 13:42:00
Are You A Friend Or An Acquaintance?Do you have acquaintances? Those who you know …2016/07/09500 Words!2016-07-09 04:06:06
Do You Think It Or Believe It?I was lying face down on a linoleum …2016/07/02500 Words!2016-07-02 19:15:46
Do You Escape Into Truth Or From It?So many times it is difficult to separate …2016/06/30500 Words!2016-06-30 20:05:10
Should You Understand An Artist Or Wait Until They’re Gone And Can’t Defend Themselves?How you ever stood before a painting, sculpture, …2016/06/29500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-29 15:18:59
Red And Ready Coffee Cherries Waiting For Harvest Hands!Coffee cherries? Did it ever occur that not …2016/06/28500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-28 18:49:40
Is Bacon The Culprit Or A Hero’s Food?Porkers get a bad rap. It’s just that …2016/06/25500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-25 18:33:48
Are You Ready To Go From 2000 Sq. Ft. To 200?Check out this post on http://thesimplehippie.com/2016/06/going-2000-square-feet-200/ Vicki Nelson …2016/06/22Unhinged!2016-06-22 15:58:07
Are They Crazy Ideas Or Genius?No one has asked me where I get …2016/06/21500 Words!2016-06-21 12:08:53
You Did What?Mom and the four boys folding socks. “Did …2016/06/21Unhinged!2016-06-21 04:55:02
Is There An Art To Writing Or Just A Heart?For years I have been writing for me. …2016/06/20500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-20 16:57:57
Coffee, Coffee, Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink?So the challenge today is to use a …2016/06/18500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-18 20:48:06
Is Trying To Describe An Image Like Stopping The Wind?With over 60,000 photos on my hard drive …2016/06/17500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-17 15:58:14
Is There A Time To Write And One That’s Not Right?If you’re a writer there’s a chance you …2016/06/16500 Words!2016-06-16 23:49:16
Letter To Self!Alan This is long overdue, and it’s about …2016/06/15Unhinged!2016-06-15 14:05:55
What Really Defines Success Or Is It Just Money, Possessions And Fame?A Story. Axel was just a hard working …2016/06/15500 Words!2016-06-15 07:55:54
Is There Perfection Or Is It Humanly Impossible To Know Perfection?https://twitter.com/TrainingMindful/status/742514463908237312 “When you realize how perfect everything is …2016/06/14500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-14 17:39:48
Do You Need A Special Place To Write Or Will Anywhere Work?Where can I find a place to concentrate …2016/06/13500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-13 19:05:35
Do You Play The Change Game Or Just Do It?“It’s Easy To Change. It’s Just Easier NOT …2016/06/12Alan's Adventures2016-06-12 14:36:47
Does Flavor Add More Than Just Taste To Your Food?#everydayinspiration Day 4 Whether or not it’s true, …2016/06/11Alan's Adventures2016-06-11 17:40:56
Is Two For The Price Of One A Deal No Matter What It Is?Ok, so you’ll never know until you spend …2016/06/11Alan's Adventures2016-06-11 08:03:09
I Know A Secret! #everydayinspiration Day 3I have a secret And you want to …2016/06/10500 Words!2016-06-10 19:21:44
Is What I Think About To Write None Of Your Business?
At the very least that title should have …2016/06/10500 Words!2016-06-10 08:31:35
Is Mt. Cotopaxi Volcano A Threat Or A Vision?No threatening smoke billowing out of this ancient …2016/06/09500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-09 08:20:00
Are Coffee Blossoms On The Ground Reason To Dance Or Worry?What would Spring be without flowers? Imagine if …2016/06/08500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-08 20:51:08
Do I Write To Please You Or Because I Must?From the time I was in 3rd grade …2016/06/08Alan's Adventures2016-06-08 14:20:37
Is Positive Emotion About Something Enough Reason To Write About It?Love for bread can be addictive. Passion about …2016/06/07500 Words!2016-06-07 11:28:37
Can Coffee Aroma Have Stronger Impact Than The Brew Itself?Coffee aroma is the most important part or …2016/06/06500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-06 17:39:09
Does Being A Prolific Writer Make A Prolific Talker?You can write but have a hard time …2016/06/06500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-06 07:11:42
When Is Writing Not Writing?A deadline for an article for a magazine …2016/06/05500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-06-05 08:10:05
Is Stubbornness, Rebelliousness And An Independent Nature A Troubled Mind, Or Genius?The more I think about it, the realization …2016/06/04500 Words!2016-06-04 07:02:27
When Is The Last Word The Last Word?The absolute determination to make a point only …2016/06/03500 Words!2016-06-03 08:03:33
Is There Really A Super Food Or Just Super Fools?What is a Super Food anyway? Do they …2016/06/01Alan's Adventures2016-06-01 22:53:24
Are You Really Sick Or Just Think You Are?You’ve read about all the latest illnesses, viruses, …2016/06/01500 Words!2016-06-01 11:24:01
Is It About You Or Was It Ever?Selfish? Self centered? Narrow minded? It’s my party …2016/05/31500 Words!2016-05-31 12:47:12
Are You Ready For That Mountain-top Experience, Or Just Think You Are?“It’s on my bucket list! I’m just dying …2016/05/30500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-30 10:38:01
Is Good Enough Acceptable Or Detestable For You?Good is good enough! There is a world …2016/05/28500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-28 13:30:59
Would You Visit Ecuador With 30 Active Volcanoes?Which ones are erupting? Are all 30 volcanoes …2016/05/27500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-27 23:24:47
Can You Go Coffee Free From 3 Cups To “0” For 30 Days?Is coffee really addictive? Is caffeine as addictive …2016/05/26500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-26 16:39:27
Differences Of Arabica And Robusta Coffee. Does It Matter In Your Cup?What’s in your cup? Is it the nasty, …2016/05/25500 Words!, About Coffee!2016-05-25 22:33:43
Why Does The I.C.O. Matter To Your Cup Of Coffee?Another international organization of dubious use. Who needs …2016/05/24500 Words!, About Coffee!2016-05-24 10:22:23
Is Your Coffee Really A Diuretic Or Is This False Information?Do you really believe after all these years …2016/05/23500 Words!, About Coffee!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-23 13:57:44
Is It Your Business Or None Of Your Business?“None Of My Business?” “Once I asked another …2016/05/22500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-22 15:45:53
Was It A Summer To Remember Or One To Regret?This would have to be a summer to …2016/05/22500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-22 10:27:56
Writing From The Heart Or Some Other Place!Writing from the heart. Getting into those emotions …2016/05/21500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-21 22:18:26
Are You In The Now, Or Not Now?The sweet lure of memories nearly represents the …2016/05/21500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-21 17:23:11
Resting In The Clouds!Anyone following my writing may think I have …2016/05/20500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-20 11:55:37
Is Your Life A Good Story Or A Tale Of Woe?Is Your Life A Good Story Or A …2016/05/19500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-19 18:42:48
Are You An Encourager Or Discourager?You tend to spend a great deal of …2016/05/19500 Words!2016-05-19 10:30:37
Are The Clouds In Your Life Dark Or With Silver Linings?Who walks under a dark cloud? Isn’t this …2016/05/18500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-18 09:13:07
If You Can’t Say It Should You Sing It?Not everybody can! Some couldn’t carry a tune …2016/05/17500 Words!2016-05-17 13:28:20
Do You Determine What Music Is By Definition Or Attraction?The dictionary definition of music is;  vocal or …2016/05/17500 Words!2016-05-17 00:47:58
Do You Just Listen To The Music Or Do You Hear It?Someone is talking, but are the words going …2016/05/15500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-15 18:58:33
Do You Know Who David Foster Is Or Are You Stuck On Beyonce?My parents said it, and we said to …2016/05/14500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-14 22:06:58
Did Rebuke Reveal Anothers Narrow-mindedness Or An Eyeopener For You?Somebody you don’t even know just dumped all …2016/05/14500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-14 13:17:36
Does “Shake, Rattle And Roll” Not Relate To Music?A good thing about moving is you never …2016/05/13500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-13 21:44:13
Do You Fail To See Because You Don’t Look?You just tripped over a rock during broad …2016/05/12500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-12 13:38:51
Went For A Walk IN The Usual Way!Went for a walk in the usual way …2016/05/11500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-11 19:54:28
Are You Too Old And Still Trying To Hang With The Young?You’re too old! The body can’t do those …2016/05/11500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-11 13:53:53
Is Your Head In The Clouds Or Your Heart?Dark clouds come to every life in many …2016/05/10500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-10 20:49:38
Do You Know What Happened After The Jailbreak?There was a flood! Yup, you read that …2016/05/09500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-09 20:27:55
No Rules! No Regrets! Just Write. A Manifesto.Don’t you get tired of rules? Someone or …2016/05/09500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-09 15:47:06
Will I Sing Or Will My Music Die With Me?This may get emotional, and I dare say …2016/05/09500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-09 07:59:07
What Good Is Coffee From Ecuador If You Can’t Drink It?Coffee is absolutely one of my favorite topics …2016/05/09500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-09 05:12:19
Do You Believe In “Do-Overs” And “Third Chances?”Going clear back to high school days when …2016/05/08500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-08 12:15:01
Is A Writing Contest A Competition Or Just A Chance To Criticize?I get lots of notices about all things …2016/05/07500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-07 20:23:41
Is A “Blog” A Weblog, Log, Or Website?Following are several definitions of what some dictionary …2016/05/07500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-07 10:56:12
Do You Eat With Your Eyes, Nose Or Taste Buds?The way to a man’s heart is trough …2016/05/06500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-06 11:15:26
Is There A Real “Magic Pill” Out There For Your Health Or Is It Something Else?Everyday you are assaulted with ads claiming pretty …2016/05/05500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-05 21:14:55
Is Can I Get A Little Help From My Friends Just A Song?What would you do if I told a …2016/05/04500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-04 17:26:49
Does Medicine Make Us Better Or The Placebo Effect?You know what a “placebo” is. During any …2016/05/03500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-03 18:30:31
Do You Write Because You Can Or Because You Have To?In 2011 I had lot’s of time on …2016/05/02500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-05-02 18:17:53
Do You Know What Happened After The Jailbreak?  There was a flood! Yup, you read …2016/05/01500 Words!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus2016-05-01 20:48:21
Part 3: Did You Get Left Behind Or Were Afraid You Would Be?Not the best news as I was going …2016/04/30500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-04-30 05:09:44
Part 2:Is Drowning Preferable To Getting Shot In The Jungle?As I got to feeling better there were …2016/04/30500 Words!, Alan's Adventures2016-04-30 05:04:13
Is Drowning Preferable To Getting Shot In The Jungle?You may ask if there’s a choice? If …2016/04/29500 Words!, Alan's Adventures, COVID Virus2016-04-29 18:17:20
Part 2: Did You Get Left Behind Or Afraid You Would Be?Still, this mindset proved to my advantage during …2016/04/29500 Words!2016-04-29 06:27:06
Did You Get Left Behind Or Were Afraid You Would Be?As an eight year old, if your parents …2016/04/28500 Words!2016-04-28 17:33:55
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