Me And The POTUS

I’ve tried over the years to stay away from politics. Mostly because no matter how much a calm discussion is intended and attempted, if the other side of that moment is of the opposite persuasion, it rarely ends up on a favorable note. If the two sides are really diametrically opposed it has the potential to damage a good relationship.

Now to be honest, my personality has always been one ready to debate on any subject, whether there was adequate knowledge or not. The challenge was always to see if I was quick enough with what I did know to convince the other of my position, and sway their position. On more occasions than not, albiet 51% of the time, there was success in those efforts. It wasn’t always right, but then that was the challenge, to see how firm the other was in their belief.

Maturity comes with age, along with wisdom, at least that is our hope. While that debate attitude still exists, it has been greatly tempered with time. Perhpas it may be more a realization it’s best to pick those issues worth the effort. For me, the results of the current election of President Donald Trump are worth that effort.

It would be difficult to say when the United States has had a President that was not a career politician, and more interested in their own agenda than that of the people they were supposed to represent. When was the last time as a public can we say we truly felt represented by Washington D.C.? Perhaps President Regan.

While President Trump may not be what many consider a “sterling choice” he is most definitely NOT a politician, as we have quickly seen during the first weeks of his tenure. I’ll take imperfect over a politician! After years of seeing how the politicians of our country have made themselves rich at our expense, I’m more than ready for the change.

What has prompted this page and the following articles, are those who to my way of thinking, have resorted to abject stupidity with comments, misquotes, snide remarks and outright distortions of the truth, also known as lies. On rare occasions I posted comments during the last 8 years of the previous administration, that I was not in agreement with. Remaining silent or nearly so, is not my intent with this administration. I’ll face the good, the bad and the ugly, with comments accordingly.

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