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September 19, 2018 / / 500 Words!
Will one word describe it?

Nobody gets away with just one word. Right? A popular trend these days offers challenges to say it with 50 words or less. Tell your life story in just ten words. There are even six word efforts with examples.

Now ask yourself, do you want to be limited to the number of words to say what’s on your mind? Details! How is it possible to fully explain or describe anything without the specifics? Who really wants

April 24, 2017 / / 500 Words!

Are Major Retailers like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and others really in trouble? If you pay any attention to the news, the are. Why? Because they are closing down stores, and in the case of Neiman Marcus, supposedly putting themselves up for sale. However no concrete claim is being made just yet.

What is hitting the news is that this is all about a “soft economy.” Is it really? Are we just being introduced to another “flame” geared to scare the daylights out of all of us? Well, here’s a no nonsense

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